Brown Skin

Brown skin, do you love yourself?

Brown skin, when you wake up in the morning do you look at yourself in the mirror and smile?

Brown skin, do you practice self love?

Brown skin, niggas be tryna holla at you at the gas station, don’t they?

Brown skin, you think you hot shit, huh?

Brown skin, do people tell you that you are naturally beautiful all the time?

That’s that brown sugar. They call it black girl magic, but it’s really deeper than that.

You tell yourself that you’re fine every day. I know that feeling. You love being brown, don’t you? I know that feeling. You smile constantly just thinking about yourself? I know that feeling too. You love dressing up? You love getting yo hair done? Yo lash tech keep yo minks looking good, don’t she? I know you love going to get them eyebrows done. You love showing yo brown skin too, don’t you? Brown girl, you popping fasho!

My brown skin, my curly black hair, my overly glossed lips, my pretty feet plus my white toe nail polish, the moles and freckles on my face and on my shoulders, can’t forget my smooth, but yet hairy skin. That’s just some stuff that I love about myself.

As a brown girl I grew to have so much self confidence, no matter what it was that I went through. I’m going to love myself regardless of who said what. Brown skin, you think you hot shit, huh? You are! Love yourself. Practice self love. Get comfortable in your brown skin.

Love to all my brown skins 💕

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