Baby Bottoms

You DO NOT listen and you always in my purse eating my snacks that you didn’t pay for. You don’t ever put money in there, or give me snacks in return. How dare you little girl?

I just want to give a big shoutout to yo mama though! She a soldier. You are a handful, but I swear I love you with everything in me. Even though I be wanting to fight you every single day because you are so damn bad, I cannot wait until you get older, so I can show you some of the shit you pull off now. OMG!

The love will forever be unconditional with me and I want you to know that. You my little baby and you will always be. I sweat you and your cousin Z, I swear I do. Can’t nobody tell me nothing about y’all, out of all the kids y’all show me the most love and that runs deep. Deeper than you guys would ever know. The love that I have for all of my nieces and nephews is the most purest love I’ve ever given out and the most beautiful love I ever got in return. Y’all will forever be my little babies. Whatever I got, it’s yours.

I never imagined my baby brother having kids, but when you got here I thought it was just the most amazing shit ever, then your sister was born. I wasn’t ready. I fell in love. When everyone found out you were a girl, we were turnt as fuck! Your dad wanted you to be a boy so bad, but you know I’m happy with a healthy baby and that’s that. You literally are your dad’s child because whew, the feeling I’m getting just typing this feels like the wind knocking me over. You, your sister and your girl cousins are the reason I strive to be the best that I can be, I may not see it all the time, but I know you guys pay attention to me. The fact that I don’t have children makes it smoother because I don’t have to keep y’all. I can give y’all back to y’all parents! I want y’all know that you guys are welcome whenever.

This is all over the place, but I just wanted to tell you that you are very unique and I can see you being very preeminent in this world… I mean that to the most highest degree. The love that you give is worth dying for. Those besos you give are like bottomless mimosas and the hugs that you give are like my favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. You are a mix of everything! You’re a cry baby. You’re a mean ass. You’re a loving soul. You’re definitely a bad ass as I stated before, but you’re also the most amazing little kid I’ve ever met in my life. You’re full of energy, full of life, you’re a little beast at heart.

You are also very advanced and I love spending time with you. I really enjoy our FaceTime calls when I can’t physically be there, even though yo ass hang up on me at least twice a day. I love singing nursery rhymes with you, I love eating with you, I love falling asleep with you, I love chilling with you. I just love YOU all together, my ki-sweet! I get to spend more and more time with you as the time passes. I never knew I could have a love like you. Be my baby forever!

Auntie Kayo 💙

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