My Letter to Beanz

I’m writing this as I’m holding you. I think you’re so precious. It was only a few months ago when you were born. You’re the last of the little babies, for now! Hopefully your mom and dad have one more, but it has to be a boy this time. I love you! I feel like we’re so close even though you haven’t been here for that long. You don’t give me hell and that’s what makes you special. It’s different with you because I didn’t get to physically meet your sissy until she was 3 months. When I finally did, I instantly fell in love with her. Now her little bad ass is 2 years old and I can barely keep up. I met you when you were only 5 days old. If I held you and you cried, I would give you back to your mom. I wasn’t used to that. Now I know what you want and just what to do. Just like with your sister, I instantly fell in love. Your skin was so smooth, you were so small. I thought you were so perfect. It’s a different love when your siblings have kids. If being an auntie was a full time job, I’d take it… Free of charge… No matter the circumstances… It feels so good to be around you, to smell your baby scent, to feed you, to dress you, even to change your shitty diaper. You’re going to grow up one day, I can’t wait! Hopefully you’ll read this and understand my point of view. I want to tell you that I love you, deeply. Always and forever. 

-Auntie Kayo 

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